Wednesday, June 14, 2017

My Website

My Project

What is my website about?
My website is mainly about cat hats. I sell hats for cats that are themed for different holidays and occasions. I also added pages about the models used to model the hats, and cats that we will sell.

What's the purpose of my website?
The purpose of my website is to show how tolerant cats can be because they allow hats to be put on them. Also, it is something fun to do with a cat because they don't really do much.

Do I like the way my website came out?]
Yes, I think my website came out really nicely and I like the color scheme and the way it is organized a lot. 

What would I change or add?
I would like to add more detail to the buying process of the hat but there isn't really much else I could do so I am pretty satisfied with the way I did it. There isn't really much else that I would really like to change.

What parts did I have trouble with?
Something I had trouble with was the check out page because there was so many links and photos that had to be added to it. 

If some images aren't showing up it's because there are last minute difficulties. 

Friday, February 3, 2017

Photoshop Image One

I photo-shopped a picture of dumbo into a picture of a room with a big window